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Serbian Psychological Society (DPS)

Shortly after foundation the psychology studies at the Belgrade University in 1951, it was recognized that psychologists needs professional association for organization their meetings, development of practice and researches, protection of their professional interests and promotion their profession in the public which resulted with establishment Serbian Psychological Society in 1953, as a section of the Psychological Association of Yugoslavia. Serbian Psychological Society today celebrate 70th anniversary, with distinguished reputation in Serbia and in region.

Serbian Psychological Society today has close to 700 members, branched in over 20 sections in different fields of applied psychology. Still, there are much more psychologists (approximately 4.000) that are periodically members of SPS or do not participate in this professional association. Since the beginning, SPS have been organized national meetings, today recognized as Congress of Psychologists of Serbia. Society publishes scientific journal “Psihologija” in continuity 55 years (since 1968) which is referred in SCIndeks, WoS, SCOPUS and DOAJ. SPS is a member of the European Association of Psychologists (EFPA) since 2007 and in EAWOP since 2021. The Center for Applied Psychology was founded in 1992, as a part of SPS for publishing psychological literature and instruments for assessment, as well as to organize educations, seminars and offer some commercial psychological services.

Basic info

Serbian Psychological Society (DPS)
European Semester of Psychology
Belgrade, Serbia 2023

In the year when we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of Serbian Psychological Society, we have a great pleasure to organize the European Semester of Psychology, named New Horizons of Psychology as science and practice.

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