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Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade

About institution

Psychology was first introduced at the Lyceum in 1854, while in 1905 became continually taught at the Great School and the University. In 1928, thanks to inauguration of Professor Borislav Stevanović, the Psychology Group was established within the Experimental Psychology Seminar.

Psychology Department of today, within its graduate, master and doctoral programs, offers a choice of courses in General and Experimental Sociology, Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Psychology of Development and Education, Psychology of Work, and Methodology in Psychology Research.

At present, the Department of Psychology enrolls about 550 students while the teaching staff employs 44 professors.

Basic info

Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade
European Semester of Psychology
Belgrade, Serbia 2023

In the year when we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of Serbian Psychological Society, we have a great pleasure to organize the European Semester of Psychology, named New Horizons of Psychology as science and practice.

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